Forum Title: winter cover blew off, green and doesn't seem to be clearing
So the winter cover blew off the pool and since we do not have many trees I didn't mess with putting it back on. Big mistake on my part I think. I hooked everything up a couple of weeks ago, except the solar panels because I would rather the water was clean. I put new sand in the filter and ran it over night and shocked the water with 2 bags of supershock from Wal-mart that was left over from last year. Of course it did nothing to the water. I took out the old test kit and everything was ok for opening numbers, alkalinity was low, ph was high and chlorine was low. A week or so ago I put 5 bags of shock, 4 lbs of alkalinity up, half a bottle of clarifier and half a bottle of algaecide in and the water turned grayish, then it rained for a few days and it went back to green. Three nights ago I put 5 bags of shock in with the pump turned off (someone said to do that), in the morning it was still green. I let the pump run for the day and backwashed that night. I put 5 more bags of shock in last night, tried to vacuum it but the basket fills up faster than I can empty it, oh and I left the pump running. This morning I put 8 oz of black, green and some other color algaecide in the pool. This evening I vacuumed by leaving the pump on rinse and just let the nasty green water run right through the filter and out of the pool. I added water and went to Wal-Mart to buy more supershock. I added 5 bags tonight and again just kept the pump running. I have been backwashing several times a day but the pool doesn't seem to be getting any clearer. After adding the shock I thought about getting some numbers for you, so here goes. 27 foot round pool, about 18-19K gallons. Cl 5 Br 10 Alk 190 Ph 7.7-7.8 Hard 0 30 and I could still see the black dot Any pointers would be much appreciated. This is only my third season, second season opening the pool. Last year went great but I had the winter cover on the entire year. Thanks,
Category: pool Post By: ELSIE POWERS (Smyrna, GA), 02/18/2019

Welcome to the forum! You want to get some stabilizer in there to keep the chlorine from burning off each day. You could do that by using dichlor to chlorinate for a while till your levels come up, or you could add stabilizer directly. Second, you need to bring your chlorine levels up to shock level as frequently as possible. Test the water and add enough chlorine to bring it back to shock level at least once a day and preferably several times a day. Once the chlorine level starts holding overnight for a few nights you can let the chlorine level start dropping back to normal levels. Brushing the pool reguarly will help the chlorine get to all of the algae. If there are significant amounts of algae or debris on the bottom try vacuming it to waste. After you have killed all the algae it will still take several days for the filter to clear everything out of the water. To speed this up run the pump 24/7 starting right away and keep an eye on the filter pressure. Backwash any time the pressure goes up 10 lbs. Good Luck!

- KARL DOMINGUEZ (Bakersfield, CA), 03/21/2019

Ok, , first off, you're throwing way too much stuff into your pool to start. let's concentrate on your algae issue first, your stabilizer will take at least a week to be brought up anyway, so that's something you can start on while cleaning up algae, but don't worry about the rest of the numbers so much and keep the algacide out of your pool, it helps prevent algae in a CLEAN pool, NOT kill it in a dirty pool. If your cl is allowed to drop to 5, you likely won't be getting rid of the green in any hurry. Go to walmart, stop buying the bags of shock, head to the laundry section, buy about 10 bottles of their cheap bleach (6%) , get 1 can of stabilizer and 1 can of floculant (clarifier) in the pool section and leave with a happier wallet. Once you get home, dump 4 of those bleach bottles into your pool, add half of the stabilizer into a sport sock and tie it off the stairs. This should bring your cl up to about 15-20 ppm, a much better place to be. If you have a kreepy krawley, I suggest running it for a day to get the algae off the bottom and mixed with the cl. Check your baskets frequently, leaves etc may colllect and slow the flow. Don't backwash, it'll hinder filtration. Backwash only when the pressure goes up about 6+ lbs and/or your flow is very minimal at the return. Your pool should turn a milky blue within about 6 hours of adding the bleach, keep the cl level at 15-20 for a couple of days with the filter running continually - don't know who told you to turn off your filter after adding shock, but that's just stupid since you need to continually mix the cl and algae up to keep it fully exposed to the cl. Once you're able to just see the bottom of the pool through your thinning milk (about 2 days), add the floculant and do as the bottle instructs you to. You should get dust bunnies collecting on the bottom and your water will get significantly clearer, these can be vacuumed to waste if you can replenish the water easily, or another solution if you're on a water budget (well system) is to vac them up SLOWLY with your manual vac into a DIRTY filter - dirty filters work much better. Don't replace your sand again, sand has an indefinite life span, 3 years is nothing. You HAVE to stay on top of this until it's taken care of.

- CLAYTON KLEIN (Gulfport, MS), 04/07/2019

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