Forum Title: New return line, recommended plug
Hi all, I had one of my return lines replaced due to a leak earlier in the season. Was wondering what the best way to plug this for closing would be? I have a rubber plug (number 10) pictured below but as you can see the hole in the return jet narrows down so not sure if I should just force it in. Any recommendations for this specific return line? Please post links and/or pictures so that I can see the part that is necessary. Thank you!
Category: pool Post By: MIRIAM DOYLE (Vineland, NJ), 03/02/2019

If the # 10 does not work, because of the narrowing, then try a # 9 (tucked in slightly) in the return. In my pool, # 10 plugs stick out of the 6 return jets. I have # 11 plugs for the steps, but they do not stick out, but go in flush with front or even 1/2 back. You could use a smaller plug, but when installing, make sure it is flush and not leaking air. Not sure if you need a # 9 or # 8 plug.

- CATHY DAVIDSON (Fresno, CA), 04/04/2019

Okay thank you, I will try with a 9 and then an 8. So for that return line a rubber plug is recommended? Any other recommendations or is a rubber plug like the picture I posted the best option?

- LORRAINE DAY (Bellevue, WA), 03/24/2019

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