Forum Title: New pool what chemicals go in?
We installed our own pool and all equipment with no experience just internet and YouTube. The pool guy that we purchased from said he would help us but has been a no show since pool was delivered. We have everything ready to fire up and begin start up procedure. We are hopeful someone can give us some insight into how much salt, chlorine and chemical need to go in well water filled pool. Thank you!
Category: pool Post By: KELLY PAGE (El Cajon, CA), 02/19/2019

Welcome to the forum! As it is a fiberglass pool, you do not need a start up procedure. You do need a test kit. Have you purchased one? What is it? Eventually you will need a TF100 or Taylor K2006C. You have well water - do you have a water quality test of that water? Any iron? Add 30 ppm of CYA powder via sock. That would be 40 oz of powder. Walmart or Home Depot might still have some. Or you will have to go to a pool store. Place the powder in tube sock, tie it shut, and hang it in front of a return. Add 3 ppm of chlorine. That would be 44 oz of 8.25% plain bleach. Each DAY. Until you can test FC. When you can test pH, you need to add 31.45% muriatic acid to get your pH to 7.4. No need for salt. Your SWCG will not work when your pool water is much below 65F. And in Reno, I am sure you are close to it. Can you put some detail in your signature? Pump type, SWCG size/model, etc. Take care!

- EDWARD THOMPSON (Taylorsville, UT), 04/17/2019

I have tf-100 kit, k-1766 sodium chloride kit, 4 lb. bag of Rx Clear stabilizer and conditioner, 1 qt. bottle Rx Clear 50% Algaecide and 1 qt. Bottle jacks magic the purple stuff. Along with 5- 50 lb. bags of salt. We have intelliflo 011018 IntelliChlor IC40 I hope that's the right info!- - - Updated - - - We are planning on firing up the heater too.

- CLAIRE FRANCIS (Round Rock, TX), 04/05/2019

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