Forum Title: Closing Spillover Spa with pool
I have a spillover spa attached to my pool. I have a 74 Sunbelt spa, I am not sure on how to close the spa for winter? Do I drain it, I thought that was bad for potential float and movement of the spa, but I'm not sure of the best way to get the water of out the returns and drain and plug them for winter.
Category: pool Post By: YVONNE CURTIS (Coeur d'Alene, ID), 02/21/2019

Broschb: I only have experience with one pool and spillover spa. The spa has 2 ports that pull water from the spa and 6 return jets. The issue I had when this pool was opened is that the shutoff valves are leaking. Therefore, I could not tell if the suction side can have an air lock created. What this means is that air is pushed through the plumbing, like the main drain, and then after bubbling for a certain length of time, the valve is shut off and air is trapped in the system. This way water does not enter back. The returns can be closed off with black rubber expandable plugs. A PB told me that the covers should cover off the spillover spa and capped off, but I was not able to remove them. The homeowner, who is a good friend of mine is having all the valves replaced with Pentair. Therefore, that day, I will ask the technicians on how to do this. So in theory, you could create an air lock or cap them off. No need to drain the water. I know a pillow is also used for the spillover spa. Remember that the spa has plumbing on the suction side and return side. How I know this is that earlier this year, I used my Cyclone blower to figure out the suction side of the plumbing. Your pool could be different and only have return lines, but that would not be a good set up as you would not be able to lower the water and drain it. Hope this help!

- CARL P (Mesa, AZ), 04/01/2019

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