Forum Title: Blowing the lines using an Inflator
Hi all, This is my first year trying to close the pool all by myself. I did all the steps last year except for blowing the lines and winterizing the equipment so I really appreciate your advice on how to do that part this year. Below are pictures of my setup. I have 1 skimmer, 1 drain, and 4 return jets. I also bought a 150PSI tire inflator (Campbell Hausfeld RP410099AV) to use for the job. Based on watching videos and reading, these are the steps I intend to follow after cleaning and balancing the pool. Please let me know if I am doing something wrong or if I am missing any steps. I never actually did these steps before so I am only assuming that they will work. Let me know please if you believe I made some wrong assumptions. 1. Lower water level to under the jets 2. Turn off the pump. Drain the filter and take out the cartridges and then reseal the filter casing. Shutoff electricity and gas to the Heater 3. Remove pump drain cap on the basket end of the pump and connect to the inflator 4. Cap all 4 return jets and turn on inflator. I assume this will cause the skimmer to start bubbling and that I may need to scoop the water out of the skimmer 5. Stop the inflator, screw in the gizzmos into the two holes in the skimmer 6. Uncap the return jets, start the inflator and cap them one by one to push the air to the last return jet and turn off the inflator before capping the last return jet 7. Disconnect the inflator from the pump and put back the pump drain cap 8. Unscrew the pool light and lower into the water using some kind of a weight 9. Put the winter cover on I am assuming the above should have already emptied all the water out of the pump, heater, and filter. A couple of extra questions: 1. In the past two years, I do not recall the pool companies ever used any antifreeze for any steps. Do I actually need to put in antifreeze? For reference, our weather is about the same as Chicago. 2. I read somewhere that I should take off the drain caps on the pump, filter, and heater for the winter and put them back on when opening the pool. My equipment is out in the open and taking off the caps makes me worried this may allow the rain and melting snow to seep in. I also do not recall the pool companies taking the caps off. Do I need to do this or can I just keep them on for the winter? Many thanks! Nash
Category: pool Post By: NICHOLAS COOPER (Bowie, MD), 03/17/2019

Below are pictures of my setup. I have 1 skimmer, 1 drain, and 4 return jets. I also bought a 150PSI tire inflator (Campbell Hausfeld RP410099AV) to use for the job. Click to expand... I will stop you right here. Your blower or compressor (as I have to research it) is a tire inflator. IMHO, I do not believe this will even work, but could be wrong. If you lower the water below the returns, you could be somewhat successful. The main drain will not work with a tire compressor. Please read my post below. The concept of closing any pool is all the same. You are using air to move water and closing off the end, besides the main drain which requires an air lock. In Canada, I would recommend a little bit of antifreeze. Keep us posted is this works. If not, try an air compressor or borrow one from a friend. Only set the PSI to about 20 to start, but no more than 30 and see if this can clear the lines. Please read all the post as there are links to other threads that provide a lot of detailed information from other members. The concept of closing an in ground swimming pool

- MELVIN GUZMAN (McAllen, TX), 04/12/2019

Don't think this will work.

- SALLY NEWMAN (New Braunfels, TX), 04/11/2019

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